Turf Care

We offer a year round service program to keep your lawn green and plush with balanced fertilizers, weed and insect control, in addition to fungicide applications. Quality service with quality products at reasonable prices are a sure hit with the homeowner. One of the most overlooked yet environmentally conscience, is turf aerating. This process involves pulling soil plugs out and getting air into the ground to allow your turf to grow healthy and productive. Please note that the turf enhancement program is done without chemicals.

Stephen’s Exterminating LLC is a licensed distributor of Organic Advantage’s Soil Enhancers (www.oasesllc.com).


Lawn and Shrub Spray Services

  • Free lawn consultation
  • No hassle estimating
  • Routine lawn applications
  • Reminder notifications
  • Professional and courteous applications leave your property neat and tidy.

Organic Advantage Soil Enhancers

  • (Fertilizer) for application on lawns, plants and trees, locate on residential and commercial properties, parks, recreation area and golf courses.
  • Vermicompost
  • Worm Castings
  • Processed Chicken Coupe Waste
    that carries and OMRI approved seal. Used mainly by Grain & Field Grown Plants.
  • Organic weed control

Agronomic Benefits

  • No chemical additives or contaminants
  • Safe to apply around people and animals
  • Can be safely applied near wells and water sources
  • Organic certification by national Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
  • No foliar burn potential
  • Slow nutrient release from natural microbial breakdown
  • Inhibit soil pathogens through stimulation of soil microorganisms
  • Trace nutrients including calcium for improved plant cell structure
  • Pasteurized, pathogen and weed seed free
  • Supports thatch degradation and soil biological processes
  • Improve soil structure over long term use